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    Do you know the theory of sampling by Pierre GY and its rules regarding opening and velocity of sampling equipments ?

    The International Sampling Institute (ISI) as an association for the promotion of the theory of sampling and its and practise is ready to collaborate with anyone interested in particular the manufacturers of sampling equipments.

    In the previous forum someone says that the sampling equipment depends on the shape of particles,....

    It is true and the theory of sampling by Pierre GY gives the scientific background (worldwide recognized and accepted) to devise the appropriate technology.

    Denis THIROUIN
    President ISI

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

    Lawrence K. Nordell

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    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

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    Sampling Design & Biases


    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. (CDI) is intersted in collaboration with ISI to better design and build proper sampler systems. We are aware of the biases that can occur between sample and main stream product.

    Variations of particle size, shape, and distribution can alter the sample result, as can speed, trajectory, sampler kinematics, and cutter configuration. What about moisture, bimodal products, and other factors not mentioned here?

    We do not know of the theory you refer to. Can you provide the text or references?

    We can model the granular flow field using Discrete Element Method (DEM) and demonstrate the biases introduced by the above mentioned factors. We wish to collaborate with others that wish to build physical models to verify the performance established by mathematical modeling. See our website: go to chute flow modeling and refer to the publications on same to get the idea. Email me for further collaboration.

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.
    1111 West Holly St.
    Bellingham, WA 98225

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