The shiploading of dusty bulk materials is one
of the main sourses of air pollution and one of
the main "headache" for the Port authority and
the Ministry of the Ecology.
The problem came up in the port of Eilat.
The "straight forward" solution of the problem
was to suspend the famous Cleveland Cascade
on the outlet of the boom conveyor head drum
The Shiploader was built in 1964-65. On the
outlet of the its static head drum chute,
the slew,bow-shaped pipe was hanged up.
The pipe threw an accelerated dusty material
on the distance of about 7m forward and
7m backward. The loading was very dusty ,but
the pipe increased significally the range of
the shiploading.
The Cleveland Cascade drops a material
only vertically, so shiploading getting practically
The Ring Eng. Co. was chosen by the Dead Sea
Works Ltd., to solve the problem.
The solution was found: the head chute was
re-designed as the 8m long special pivot chute.
Now the new pivot chute and new re-designed
boom, allowed to get the required loading
distance forward and backward.
The old Shiploader was fully re-designed (by
the Ring Eng.) and re-constructed during
12 months.The Shiploader was out of operation
about 6 weeks.
After the reconstruction and installation of the
Cleveland Cascade, no dusting was observed
during loading even such dusty material as
This successful solution improved the
environment in the Port of Eilat and in the
Eilat Bay also.