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Thread: Double Action Belt Cleaner

  1. Double Action Belt Cleaner

    A new double action device was developed to
    improve the belt cleaning operation.
    The device is installed under a head drum and
    consists of an axle and six rectangular rubber
    plates. The axle is supported by two
    bearings and is rotated by a chain drive
    connected the head drum shaft and the axle.
    The rubber plates are mounted on the axle
    and have a long steel tips on their free side.
    The distance between the conveyor belt and
    the axle should be smaller than the width of
    the rubber plate.
    The rotation of the shaft causes the rotation
    of the axle in the opposite direction. Each
    plate,firstly, impacts the conveyor belt
    and, secondly, scretches the belt some time,
    and the next plate is coming , and so on.
    The device is a very simple, reliable and....
    ..good cleaning !

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    eleveyor Guest

    new belt cleaner with steel-tipped rubber blades

    I would be interested to receive details about this development.
    we manufacture conveyors for handling dewatered wastewater sludge which is usually quite sticky. Has there been any experience with such applications?

  3. Double Action Belt Cleaner

    One of the advantages of the cleaner is its
    The rubber blades ( after cleaning operation )
    are unbended abruptly and , thus, clean
    their smooth surfaces from a sticky material.

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    Doule way belt cleaning facility

    We would like to get details of this facility, can you please send some details.


    Sushanta Samal

  5. Double Action Belt Cleaner

    The device is very simple one and was
    described in detailes in two my threads.
    You can order a set of shop dwgs or
    the cleaner ready to use.
    If you decide to order, send your belt width,
    location of the head drum and chute.

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

    Lawrence K. Nordell

    President and CEO

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

    Conveyor Dynamics Inc.

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    Mr. Rivkin:

    Please post your ingeneous device on the form site here for all to view. Many rotating blade and brush cleaners have been tried. None do a good job or they would take over the industry.

    We eagerly await your posting.

    Lawrence Nordell

  7. Double Action Belt Cleaner

    Tne principle of the device differs from known
    the device is installed between head and bend drums
    and rotated by a head drum shaft
    via a chain. 6 to9 rubber steel-tipped blades are mounted
    on the axle. the width of the blades equals to the
    width of the belt.
    The axle is installed in such way that the blades are
    bended to pass the belt.
    So, rotation of the head drum causes rotation of the
    cleaner in the opposite direction and each blade
    firstly impacts and, secondly,screthes the belt,
    throwing the material in the low section of the head
    drum chute (selfcleaning).
    I hope that now operation of the cleaner is clear.

  8. Dear Dr. Rivkin,

    As Mr. Nordell has suggested, the use of rotary rubber blade and rubber brush cleaners have not proven to be successful in the industry. Although they tend to be very efficient initially, as the rubber wears contact with the belt is lost. Unless the operator has an efficient maintenance team the units do not get adjusted and carryover results.

    Do the blade arms in your unit have sufficient length to provide for tip wear without having to replace blades monthly or weekly, or does the assembly come with an adjustment which permits operators to move the unit closer to the discharge pulley as blade wear occurs? If the latter, do you handle changes in the chain tension with a dancer sprocket?

    Dave Miller
    ADM Consulting
    10668 Newbury Ave., N.W.,
    Uniontown, Ohio 44685 USA
    Tel: 001 330 265 5881
    FAX: 001 330 494 1704

  9. Double Action Belt Cleaner

    Dear Mr Miller,
    You are right about the tip wear problem,
    but if the tip plates are made from a high
    wear resistance steel, you can sleep
    quietly during 1-2 years.


    Michael Rivkin

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    eleveyor Guest
    I am considering ordering a set of shop drawings for a 24" belt in a totally enclosed conveyor. Please advise correct procedure, who to contact, price, etc.

    1-301-652-2999 (Tel)
    1-301-652-9655 (Fax) (email) (web)

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