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    General Kinematics Corporation

    About General Kinematics

    General Kinematics Corporation, incorporated in 1960, was established to market, design, and custom fabricate innovative vibratory materials, handling, and processing equipment. Today the company is one of the world’s largest suppliers of vibratory processing equipment, holding more than 200 worldwide patents, and is acknowledged as a major contributor to the technical advancement of vibrating equipment design and application.

    General Kinematics serves a worldwide customer base through a network of engineering oriented independent sales representatives who cover major industrial markets throughout the United States. International markets are covered from a subsidiary operation and through a combination of representatives and licensed manufacturers in other strategic locations. Today, over 50,000 General Kinematics units have been installed in virtually all of the world’s industrialized countries.

    As new process and efficiency challenges emerge, General Kinematics is uniquely qualified to address these needs with advanced technology, innovative engineering, new materials and manufacturing techniques... all applied to improving customer productivity and profitability while meeting ever more stringent requirements.

    Foundry Equipment from General Kinematics

    GK has helped the most profitable and efficient foundries turn their capital investments into profits. GK foundry equipment increases casting throughput, reduces casting damage, and reduces maintenance cost. Our vibrating equipment is the longest lasting vibratory equipment in the world, with the first unit ever built at GK still in operation today.

    Conveying and Feeding Equipment
    • Vibratory Conveyors
    • Para-Mount II® Vibrating Feeders
    • Vibra-Belt® Vibrating Belt Conveyor
    • V-Trough™ Inclined Conveyors
    • Two-Way Feeders
    • Trenchveyor™ Low Headroom Conveyor

    Foundry Drums
    • Vibra-Drum® Sand and
    • Casting Processor
    • Vibra-Clean® Vibratory
    • Media Drum
    • Ducta-Sprue® Rotary Sprue Drum
    • Ducta-Screen® Rotary Shakeout
    • Ducta-Clean® Rotary Media Drum

    Furnace Charging Equipment
    • Vibrating Charge Feeders
    • Alloy Addition Systems
    • Mobile Charge Feeders

    Cooling Equipment
    • Spira-Cool® Casting Cooling Spirals
    • Fluidbed Sand Coolers
    • Vibra-Fin™ Sand Coolers
    • Casting Cooling Conveyors
    • SprayCool™ Water Addition Systems

    Shakeout & Blast Systems
    • Two-Mass Vibratory Shakeouts
    • Core Knockout
    • Blast load feeders
    • Blast unload conveyor systems
    • Complete Blast Handling Systems
    • Vario-Drive™ Variable Angle Shakeouts

    Sand Reclamation
    • Vibra-Drum® SR™
    • Vibra-Mill®

    • Choosing the right drum for your foundry application.
    • Benefits and features of using aluminum stabilizer arms.

    Recycling Equipment from General Kinematics
    • Finger-Screens
    • De-Stoner® Air Classifier
    • High-Stroke Feeders
    • Under Mill Oscillators
    • STARGEAR® screens
    • Apron Conveyors
    • Rotary Trommels

    Mining Equipment from General Kinematics
    General Kinematics equipment for mining and mineral processing are designed to handle your tough requirements. With applications still in service after 40 years, General Kinematics heavy duty feeders, screens and grinding drums are designed to enhance your process.

    Industries Served:
    Aggregate, Mining, Coal / Power Generation, Minerals, Ore

    • Screening Solutions
    • Vibra-Drum® Grinding Mill
    • Feeders
    • Un-Coaler® Activator / Feeder

    Wood Processing Equipment from General Kinematics
    General Kinematics has the expertise and knowledge to respond to your objectives for efficient, dependable processing packages for the processing of paper products and other raw wood and pulp based materials.

    • Conveyors
    • De-Stoner™ Air Classifier
    • Finger-Screens
    • Vibratory Dryers

    Powder / Bulk Equipment from General Kinematics

    Increase productivity with continuous flow process solutions from General Kinematics. With expertise in drying, cooling, grinding, coating, and more, our technical staff can create solutions for your toughest process problems.

    • Spiral Conveyors
    • Vibratory Fluidbed Processors
    • VIBRA-DRUM™ Grinding Mills
    • Omni-Screener™
    • Two-Way Feeders
    • Hula Hopper™ Bin Activator / Feeder
    • VIBRA-PACK™ Shipping Container Densifier

    Custom Engineered Solutions

    General Kinematics specializes in custom engineered vibratory solutions to help our customers solve their most difficult process problems. If you do not see a product on this site that can improve your process, please contact us and we will work hard to develop a solution that meets your process requirements.


    Do you have a process problem that you can not solve? Do you need to heat, cool, clean, coat, elevate, convey, flip, grind, screen, separate, dry, feed, activate, or fluidize your product? General Kinematics may have the solution you have been looking for. GK's extensive laboratory facility offers testing services 6 days a week, with the ability to test any process or equipment that GK offers. To test your product, fill out the form below and a GK technical specialist will contact you to schedule your product test.

    General Kinematics is a "bulk-online Leader".

    For more information, please visit:
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