The splitting of primary samples is one of the
"bloody problem" of the sampling procedure.
We had tried many existing devices but could
not find the splitter we looked for - compact,
representative, reliable,dust free and
low maintenance.
After all we built the principially new splitter.
A primary sample enters very short (! ) screw
feeder . Each revolution of the screw moves
forward new portion of a material and the
special device automatically takes from this
portion one very small sub-increment.
Important that the sub-increments are taken
not (! ) from the bottom of the feeder.
The theory shows that even each
sub-increment has relatively low
representativeness, the certain number of them
forms highly representative sample.
The sampler equipped with the new splitter
has been operating since 1985.
No technical problems were observed.
This splitter can be used separately in every