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Thread: Conveying Cement Powder

  1. Conveying Cement Powder

    Helllo everyone;

    Does anybody have information that would improve my confidence in the ability to convey cement powder by conveyor over a long distance?

    Thanks for your help and best regards,

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    M. Pickering Guest

    Enclosed belt conveying

    Dear Steve,

    For conveying cement powder over a long distance you can use a pouch belt conveyor.
    With this type of belt conveyor the product is transported inside the belt conveyor (the belt is folded in a pouch shape).

    We are a licensee for the Enerka-Becker System from Fenner-Dunlop and this pouch belt conveyor can convey your product, totally enclosed around corners and up inclines.

    The system is equipped with a multi-point drive. Several small drive units are placed along the route. By Applying mutliple drives the belt tension is kept low. This way there is no need for a heavy tensioning construction and the length of the system is almost unlimited.

    The Enerka-Becker System is marketed under the name Spaans E-B S Conveyor. More information can be found on our website

    Best regards,

    M. Pickering
    Spaans Bulk Handling Systems BV

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    Rik Hartsuiker Guest

    Another Alternative

    Dear Sir:
    Another way of conveying any dusty material is an air supported belt conveyor. I represent Hendrik Enterprises, Inc. and we fabricate our HoverGlide line of air supported belt conveyors. If covered, the HoverGlide is dust/weather tight, frictionless between the tail and discharge (resulting in less motor HP), and because there are no moving parts between the tail and discharge, there would be a lot less maintenance.

    Please visit our website at or give us a call to discuss your application.

    At your service,
    Rik Hartsuiker
    Manager of Operations
    Hendrik Enterprises, Inc.
    227 Hamburg Turnpike
    Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442
    973-616-9060 Tel
    973-616-9250 Fax

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    Author Guest

    Long Distance Conveying

    Dear Steve,

    We have delivered more than 120 enclosed conveyors handling different materials from very wet to very dry ones. We have been since 1988 conveying materials for the international cement industry in Sweden, Italy, South Africa, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Holland and Chile. Our company has therefor experience in handling difficult materials. Please contact me and I will ask our partners in North America (The Fairfield Engineering Co. to give you more information about project in Canada/USA.

    You can also find more on our website

    Best Regards
    Robert Olsson
    Phone 004642388026

  5. Flow Dynamics Conveyor

    Dear Steve,

    Magaldi Industrie SRL - Italy has recently got the licence from Kawasaki Heavy Industries to manfacture in Europe the "Flow Dynamics Conveyor", an air supported conveyor completely enclosed in a pipe, suitable for transportation of bulk materials with zero contamination of the environment.

    It can be used to transport big quantity of materials (we have applications in coal handling up to 3000 t/h) over a long distance requiring a minimal installed power.

    For further information please visit us at or contact me at the following address:

    Ing. Fabio de Feo
    +39 089 688226
    +39 348 3740670
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  6. Dear Steve,

    Your question on conveying Cement refers:

    Presently there is a 4km belt conveyor in India conveying 800tph along a jetty.

    Also there is a big drive going on to replace pneumatic conveying of Cement into silos with the use of Pipe Conveyors. With the obvious reduction in absorbed power, (factor of 5).

    Presently there is a study into conveying Cement 10km again using a Pipe Conveyor.

    Major concerns revolve around the feed point, (always load horizontally), the maximum angle of inclination, (for a Pipe Conveyor this is >50% more than a belt conveyor) and the loss of product through blow off (we have been advised that as much as .5% of the Cement can be lost this way), again giving support to the Pipe Conveyor being used for this application.

    Hope this assists.

  7. Dear Steve,

    As you can see from the previous responses, there are a number of alternatives for conveying powdery materials, while maintaining control over dust. The system that is best for your application will depend on the volume and distance involved.

    If you would supply tph, distance, and elevation information, you will likely get a number of responses that are specific to your needs. Enclosed belt systems, such as the Becker-Enerka and pipe belt systems mentioned are good options for longer distances. The air glide or air supported systems give good service for shorter distances.

    Whichever system appeals to you, you should consider capital cost, reliability, operating costs, and ease of maintenance.

    Dave Miller
    ADM Consulting
    10668 Newbury Ave., N.W.,
    Uniontown, Ohio 44685 USA
    Tel: 001 330 265 5881
    FAX: 001 330 494 1704

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    eleveyor Guest
    A word of caution:

    Cement Powder, when aerated, will flow faster than water.
    Especially if you are looking at inclined conveying, you must be certain that the product is loaded in a non-aerated state, no matter which conveyor system you decide on.

  9. Hello everyone;

    Thanks for your valued support in this subject. I'm continuing my research on the subject as this project involves a long curved conveyor (+5 km) at high capacity (+3000 mtph). It's an interesting project and one that will involve many technical improvements on current technology, especially in the loading are and transfer chutes due to the known properties of aerated cement.

    Keep your replies comong. You are increasing my comfort level....

  10. Hello Steve,

    With the tonnage and curvature you indicated, a pipe belt is probably your best option.

    You also mentioned transfer chutes. Are you planning to have multiple discharge points, or did you envision a string of conveyors to get the cement from the load point to a single discharge point? If the latter, a single strand of belt would eliminate all of the transfers and the problems inherent with them. If the former, transfer point design will be critical to the operation -- and may suggest that a different system may be more appropriate. With all systems, the load zone design will either make the system a good one to work with or a nightmare.

    Lyn Bates or Larry Nordell would be good sources of information on proper loading point designs. Alternatively, companies involved with chuting, storage bins, and belt cleaners (such as Martin Engineering) can give you assistance.

    Dave Miller
    ADM Consulting
    10668 Newbury Ave., N.W.,
    Uniontown, Ohio 44685 USA
    Tel: 001 330 265 5881
    FAX: 001 330 494 1704

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