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Thread: Import Silo

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    Author Guest

    Import Silo

    Dear Sir,

    We are consulting engineers for the design of an import silo with a capacity of 160.000 tonnes per hour in south of Iran.

    We need features, size of bucket elevator, belt conveyor and chain conveyor for a capacity of 1.000 tonnes per hour.

    This silo is a Grain silo and import from other country.

    Please send us information.


    H. Honarvar
    Manager of Silo

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    Daniel SAMAIN Guest
    Dear Sir,

    The VIGAN Engineering Company is specialised in manufacturing grain and beans pneumatic ships unloaders as wel as continuous loaders for the same as for any kind of granulous and free flowing bulk materials.

    VIGAN Company is also involved in the approach of wider project including the grain terminals as a whole, in partnership with friends companies

    We stay at your entire disposal to submit any suggestions you will need for the preparation of your project, including the sugge'stion of the most appropriate solution according to the actual and future trafic in the terminal with selection between tyres mounted gantries and rail mounted travelling pneumatic gantries

    To contact us, don't hesitate to call or to mail to the following

    Daniel Samain
    Technical Manager
    Tel + 32 67 89 50 41 ( general phone line )
    + 32 67 89 50 44 ( direct line )
    + 32 475 58 42 23 ( Mobile )
    Fax + 32 67 89 50 60
    E Mail

    Or visit our web site

    Best regards

    Daniel Samain

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