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Thread: Fire-resistant (re-tardent) conveyor belting

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    Henk Fourie Guest

    Fire-resistant (re-tardent) conveyor belting

    - Is there any standard or reference inforcing the use or not of fire-resistant (retardent) conveyor belting instead of standard belting in surface applications such as in power stations that convey fossil fuels? The specific application needs to convey peat. Specifically with reference to North American and
    European regions.
    - If fire-resistant belts are required which specific standards do apply?
    - Is there any proof of a safety standard that inforce the use of these belts?
    - Is there any proof that the future requirement for surface installations may not inforce the use of these belts?

    Please reply to: Danie Odendaal

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    Check out the following links, they may be helpful.

    Each of these sites have other links that may lead you in the right direction.

    Sorry I couldn't find anything specific to your request.

    Gary Blenkhorn

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    Lawrence K. Nordell

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    Fire Retardant Regulation - Surface Belts


    Adding to Gary's comments.

    The is no regulation dictated by major USA government orgs. Insurers may require fire retardant belt on surface conveyors to meet the insurance risk factors. Talked to Belt Mfgs. to obtain work history on the question - each power plant may elect, at their own discretion, to apply a self-extinguishing belt type (MSHA Spec). This is not normal in the North America.

    In one recent case in the US, the owner elected to replace a long belt with standard belt, as per the existing spec., in a tunnel, after lengthy study with the insurer.

    It appears to be a case-by-case assessment.

    Furthmore, the belt mfg. stated that all belts burn (PVC; rubber). If an oxidizer is present, the rubber provides the fuel. Self extinguishing belts will flame-out when the temperature drops below a critical value and there is insufficient oxidizer to sustain the flame temperature.

    Lawrence Nordell
    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc.

  4. Fire-resistant (re-tardent) conveyor belting

    Dear Danie Odendaal

    Many of the coal handling plant at power stations in India uses FR grade belt as per Canadian Bureau of mines specification, mostly categaory-3. Please note that category-1 is most stringent and category-3 has less fire resistance but is found adquate for surface installation.
    Choice of particular standard more goes by trend in particular segment of industry / country.
    Please note that one should use FR when same is needed, because it might have less favourable other characteristics.
    Please refer to reputed belt manufacturers for more specific information.

    Regarding use / no-use of FR grade depends upon:
    1. Legal requirement (like under ground mines). For this please refer applicable industrial law in the counrty of installation.

    2. Choice by user / owner of the plant and also by plant insurance agency, to reduce the damage in the event of fire. The chance of fire also depends upon equipment quality and quality / negligence of plant operating / attending personnel.

    Ishwar G Mulani - Author, Book on Engineering Science and Application Design of belt conveyors

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