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Thread: Thermometry cables for Silos

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    jorgeandrade Guest

    Thermometry cables for Silos

    The loads applied in the roof due to thermometry cables are very high, according to IRAM, the silo code from Argentina.
    Please, I really would like to know the action due to termometry cables in grain silos from another source.
    The main points are those loads related to kind of flow, and whether or not all the cables act at the same time (relation of cables distribution and possible alleviation of loadings).

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    Lars R. Jensen Guest

    Tensile loads in temperature cables

    -Kepler Weber Industrial S/A

    Dear Mr. Eng L. Jorge Andrade Jr.

    In order to make this calculation then we can from knowing the following information:

    - length of the cable
    - diameter of the cable
    - Stored material
    - Type of silo (Steel or concrete).

    You may contact me on or + 45 20 75 25 67 - Time difference 6 hours.

    I hope to hear from I sure we can help you with this.

    Best regards,
    Cimbria Unigrain A/S

    Lars R. Jensen

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