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Thread: Circular Stockpile & Reclaim System

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    Circular Stockpile & Reclaim System

    Sub: Request for price

    We are now preparing for a quotation of a circular stockpiling and reclaiming system in a coal storage dome.

    The diameter of the circular coal storage dome is 120 m. The stacker capacity is 3.000 t/h ± 10%. The reclaimer capacity is 1.500 t/h ± 10%. The scope of supply refer to the Project CP-1 for the Hua Yan Electric Power Corporation, China.

    Please ask for technical details
    and offer your quotation.

    Your immediate reply will be much appreciated.


    Vice Chief General Manager
    Sichuan Southwest Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
    18 Dongfend Road
    Chengdu, Sichuan
    P.R. China

    Tel: 86 28 84 40 27 55
    Fax: 86 28 84 44 39 82

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    cmargolf Guest

    Coal Storage Dome

    Dear Mr. Gaoliao,

    We have noted your requirement for a 120m coal storage dome and are most interested in preparing a propsoal to you.

    The capabilities of Temcor in dome structures can be noted on our website We have built numerous architectural facilities in China, many around Shanghai such as the Gymnastics Center, The Circus, Lin Yi Natatorium and the Scienceland dome. Although we have not built a coal storage dome in the PRC, Temcor has built ten 120m coal storage domes for Formosa Plastics in Mai Liao, Taiwan and is currently building an 11th for them. Our systems are of all aluminum construction which assures you of a permanent maintenance free dome.

    Temcor would like to know more about your requirements so that we may be in a position to submit a proposal. We would also be pleased to visit with you Chengdu. Temcor has local representation in the PRC and with your persmission, we could have them contact you.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    G. Clark Margolf
    Executive Vice President
    PO Box 48008
    150 West Walnut St.
    Gardena, CA 90248

    PH: 310 523 2322 x150
    FX: 310 523 2380

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    John Delaney Guest

    Coal Storage Dome for Circular Stockpile & Reclaim System

    Dear Mr. Gaoliao:

    We received information that you have an application for a 120M diameter coal storage dome.

    Conservatek Industries, Inc. was founded in 1977 and since then has completed over 5,000 structures in over 40 countries worldwide. Among them are domes specifically designed for dry solids storage applications such as coal, limestone and other bulk materials. Our all aluminum, clear span systems offer long term, maintenance free service and are custom designed specifically for each application. Please visit our website,, to get more information about our company, our products and our capabilities.

    Please provide us with as much technical information as possible so we can prepare a comprehensive proposal that meets all your requirements. To facilitate the exchange of information we can have our local PRC representative contact you or, if you prefer, your communication can be directly with us.

    We are very interested in your project and would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.


    John Delaney
    Chief Sales Officer
    Conservatek Industries, Inc.
    PO Box 1678
    Conroe, Texas 77305

    Phone: 936-539-1747
    Fax: 936-539-5355

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    Dear mr Gaoliao
    In 1998 I was the project manager of a similar project for NESHER
    ISRAEL -for the R.M. cnveying & storage in Ramla cement plant.
    Circular R.M. storage dome is 110 meter,stacker capacity 2400 T/H
    reclaimer capacity 800 T/H.
    Please send technical details for the quotation.
    S. Bar
    Chief Engineer
    Ludan engineering LTD.

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    technical details of circular stockpiling and reclaiming system in a coal storage dom

    Dear Sirs,

    PLS advise your technical details of above mentioned items.

    our e-mail address: is

    Thank you !

    Best regards,


  6. Circ-A-Bin Storage System

    Dear Sir:

    We are just completing semicircular storaage facility in Wilmington, North Carolina, USA. This particular facility is used for storage of grains but the system was developed fertilizers, coal, coke, etc.
    The material is about 50% reclaimable by gravity. Total storage volume is same as a Panamax ship, 2,500,000 cubic feet. It can easily be designed for the capacities you require.
    I have a PowerPoint presentation describing the facility but it is too large to e-mail in this forum.
    I'm attaching just one page, the site plan, for your perusal.
    Please visit our web-site at
    If you are interested, we will find a way to send you complete information.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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