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Thread: Transshipment from Ship to Barge

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    willett Guest

    Transshipment from Ship to Barge

    interested to find some articles/information about the practice of transferring dry bulk products such as fertilizer, stock food, wood chips etc from ship to barge and from barge to ship inside a port. Typically an overseas ship will discharge into storage at the wharf and/or transfer to a waiting barge. where does this happen, what are the key do's and don'ts?

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    Helmut Mayer

    Helmut Mayer

    Director and Principal Engineer

    Mayer International Group Pty. Ltd.

    Mayer International Group Pty. Ltd.

    Barge Transfers

    Barge Transfers in Australia are rare, especially on the importing side. More of this happens in Indonesia. In almost all cases, the transfer strategies are refined to the particular application in question and takes into account the faciltities and harbours available. (If you can choose the facilities and harbours you wanted, you would then not choose barge transfers to avoid the extra handling).

    Your best bet is to discuss your particular application with an appropriate Engineer. Feel free to ask for those in your area.
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    Helmut Mayer
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    Author Guest

    Ship-Barge Transfer

    Please let us know what capacities of transfer and what ship/barge sizes you are considering.
    we can send you some information

    best regards


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    Daniel SAMAIN Guest
    So far material is free flowing or relatively free like grain, soybean defatted meal, granulous fertilizers, lime, alumina, petrococke, etc, mobile suction and blowing pneumatic machines can help for easy transfer from ship to barges and reverse.

    VIGAN has developped such machines for rates ranging from 80 to 250 Tons / hour, typically the MOBILE VIGAN machines type T80, T100, T100, T200

    Please visit our web site for a first approach or contact us for specific inquiry

    Best regards

    Daniel Samain Technical Manager

    VIGAN Engineering
    E mail
    tel + 32 67 89 50 41

  5. Hello Willet,

    I would like to inform the following :

    1) If material transfer between ship to barge or barge to ship, is via port handling facility; then you will need following machines :
    For ship to barge: Ship unloader and barge loader.
    For barge to ship: barge unloader and ship loader.
    It is possible that ship and barge may not be present / available at the same time. but this will not pose problem as all transfer is passing through storage and reclaiming facility at port. In this case you are utilizing four number of machines as mentioned earlier plus stackers reclaimers etc of the port handling facility.

    2) There could be ships equipped with unloading facility. The ship manufacturer may be able to transfer this material from ship to barge. Similarly, there could be barge equipped with its own unloading facility and possibly manufacturer of this equipment may be able to transfer the material from barge to ship. The relative size of the ship and barge will be an issue. This is also related to transfer flow rate (capacity).

    3) Possibly, there is also one more mode of transfer wherein the ship is equipped with unloading equipment, which transfers the material from one vessel to another.
    I suggest you to interact with the manufacturers of the aforesaid equipment, who will be able to give specific information such as available models, designs, etc. so that installation becomes commercially viable and you have the equipment which are best suited to your needs.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyors.
    Advisor / Consultant for Bulk Material Handling System & Issues.
    Email :
    Tel.: 0091 (0)20 25882916

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    Please have a look at our website:
    We can offer you cost-effective solutions for ship to barge transfer. Please contact for particulars.
    Thank you! Jerry

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    Frenky60 Guest
    Roncuzzi industrial service have a huge xperience in transhimpment barge for almoust any kind of products like coal, iron ore, cereal, fertilizer and so on.

    Our first constructions (Almoust 15 yerars ago) are still working perfectly (aunder different shipping flags) betwen South America, Europe, Australia etc....

    Coomprensive list of recent jobs awarded on request as well as informations and suggestions.


    Saccaggi Francesco

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