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Thread: Looking for Grain Storage Silos and Machines

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    Looking for Grain Storage Silos and Machines

    We are setting up a storage facility for about 100,000 tons for wheat.
    We are looking for very competitive manufacturers and suppliers of bins, sieves, bulk transport trucks/trollies and allied machinery.

    Please contact ASAP.


    for SGI
    Sultan Barq, CEO
    Lahore, Pakistan

  2. Grain silos

    Dear Mr. Sultan Barq
    We sell few of the products you need. we can organice and manufacture the parts you need. We also can buy second hand parts if it will be helpfully for you. If you want you can send us further information and we want to look to help you. We sell silos and components from our office. For first information you can visit our internet side . If you will be interest please send us more information about your project.

    Best regards

    BS- Vertriebsbüro

    Bernd Sauer

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    Wheat Handling

    Mikalen P/L is able to supply a revolutionary new design of side tipping container (Tiltainer) suitable for bulk transport of wheat or other grain types. The containers are able to be attached to rail wagons or container trucks equipped with twist locks used for attachment of standard containers. Tiltainers will transport 25 tonnes of bulk wheat in a single 20' unit.

    In combination with our drive over hopper stacker the contents of a B double transporter (50 tonnes) can be offloaded in minutes and placed in stockpile.

    Please visit our website for additional info, or contact us direct.

    John Hanna

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    Christoph Guest
    Dear Mr Sultan Barq,

    We are a manufacturer of several devices you need. You can visit our homepage at first to get a survey about our range of products. If you would like then more information or an offer, then send to us more information please.

    Kind regards
    Christoph Olejnik
    Schaeffer Verfahrenstechnik

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    Robert Tatlow Guest

    Grain Storage Project

    Dear Sir,
    Cropcare Systems are Consulting Engineer, manufactures and project managers of "Post Harvest Technology" projects (Grain Drying, cleaning, storage etc. Our web site that we are currently building is Please contact us with your requirements.
    Bob Tatlow

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