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Thread: Pneumatic conveying of petcoke.

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    Vijay Guest

    Pneumatic conveying of petcoke.

    I am working on a project to pneumatically convey petcoke (90 µm & 0.5 t/m³) for 150 ft. from a tanker to four silos (10 m³ each) which are placed in series. Tanker capacity is about 10 tons and we need two trips per day at different intervals. Petcoke once transfered to the silos will be continuosly consumed by the burners (4 nos.).
    What is the best and economical method to fill all the silos equally during the each load transfer from the tanker?
    The silos are 120 ft. from the ground level and only one trasfer pipe allowed from the tanker to the silos.
    The silos are vented and connected in series to a single baghouse.
    Will there be any excessive back pressure if the silos are vented in series to a single baghouse that hinders the transfer of material from the tanker?
    The operation should be automated fully without engaging any man.
    Suggestions and practical ideas are welcomed.
    Thank you

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    Bosentang Guest


    Dear VJ,

    Please see our website at and complete our data request sheet. We will then be able to provide you with detailed information on your project.

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    We will be glad to help you in the design of this system. You may contact me or Paul Solt. We have extensive expertise in handling this material.


    Amrit Agarwal
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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    Author Guest


    Please e mail your phone nos to and we will have someone talk to you about this application. we have handled petcoke for the graphite electrode industries. we can have an engineer visit you from our far east office

    best regards


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    bvsarma Guest

    Pneumatic Conveying of Coke

    Dear Vijay,

    Our Company has supplied many such systems in Malaysia
    Please contact Mr. Robert Tang MD- Nu-Con Malaysia , who will forward to you all the information on such systems

    His contact phone No. is 00603-5634-8588 at PJ -KL-Malaysia

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