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Thread: Saw Mill Drying Technology

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    Author Guest

    Saw Mill Drying Technology

    Were can I find information about saw mill drying processes.

    Thank you in advance.


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    jnamfook Guest

    Information On Sawmill Drying Process

    Dear sir,
    I know a porpular timber drying kiln controller supplier named as below, the experts there should be able to assist you on any information you need. They can supply fully auto-control system for drying different species of both hard and soft wood.

    GANN Mess-u.Regeltechnik Gmbh, Stuttgart, F.R.G.

    Hope the above is of some use to you.

    Jong Nam Fook

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    Hollstein Guest

    Saw mill drying

    Dear Sir,

    we are working together with a company in Argentina which is very well know for drying technology. THey have installed several drying process for simila r products. Maybe it's interesting for you to come in contact with this people. Argentina is a very competitve country.

    If you are interested, please reply to my Email:

    Best regards
    Reinhold Hollstein

  4. sawmill drying information

    Dear sir, Look up the northeast lumber manufacturers association
    here in the states-NELMA

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    flow69 Guest
    Yo can find a guide here:
    It's good and free.

    Anyway instruments presented are a little old, sure you easily can get professional and good priced much modern systems.
    For example

  6. For lumber drying, heat pump is the best one, for it save enegy. One KW of electricity can evaporate 3-4 kg of water.

    For its by-product, you can use rotary dryer, etc.

  7. Saw Mill Drying Technology

    It's always difficult to know exactly which aspect of saw mill drying technology is referred to.
    Atritor Ltd, England in association with Scott, USA are highly experienced in the drying of wood flour / sawdust with the AST Air Swept Tubular dryer. Visit our website for general information or e-mail your question to:

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