Dear Sir/Ma'am,

Sub: Required Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers for the Production of Powder Metallurgy Parts & Metal Powders.

We got your reference from the trade-directory of a business portal\your company website. We are seeking information from manufactures/suppliers/consultants, who are dealing either with technology or with the various equipment uses in the Powder Metallurgical unit including the metal powder-manufacturing equipments. Please excuse us in case you are not associated with powder metallurgy/ metal powder manufacturing unit and we sincerely apologize for taking your valuable time.

Let us introduce our-self. We are an Indian Company belongs to InterTrade Group and based at Mumbai (formally Bombay). One of our group companies is a leading player in the field of Metal Powder production in India since 1987 and currently manufacturing the following products:

1800 MT/Annum Aluminum & Zinc Granulated Powder
1200 MT/Annum Pyrotechnic & Flake Powder
360 MT/Annum Aluminum Paste

Currently we are having the Air based Atomizer and the Ball Mill based on Hall - Process to manufacture the above mentioned products. To meet the growing demand for various other Metals, their Alloys, their chemical derivatives like Oxides/Halides/ Sulphates/Nitrides etc and/or a combination of them; we are expanding our production capacity by setting up an ultra-modern new production facility. We have planned to setup the said new unit in three phases in next 12-60 months time. For the first phase our planned capacities are (This is in addition to our existing capacities):

3000 MT/Annum Granulated Powder
1500 MT/Annum Pyrotechnic & Flake Powder
600 MT/Annum Paste

In the first phase, we planned to start with Aluminum powder and then diversifi to other metals like Zinc, Copper, Nickel and Tin metal (minimum 99.5% to 99.9% purity) and their alloys. The time frame for commissioning the first phase is next 6-12 months.

In the second phase we want to add various chemical derivatives of the above-mentioned metals like their Oxides/Halides/ Sulphates/Nitrides etc. In the Third and final phase we will add metals like Magnesium, Silicon, Cobalt and some of the rare and precious metals like Silver, Gold, Platinum, Titanium etc. The time frame for the second and third phase is not yet finalized but will be between 24-48 months from the completion of first phase.

We are inviting the proposals from the Manufacturers/Suppliers/Consultants who can supply us either the equipment and/or the technology for commissioning the above-mentioned facility. You are requested to send us your offers along with relevant technical details for the equipment and/or technology offered. The equipments that we are looking at are:

Controlled atmosphere Induction Furnaces for melt preperation
Inert Gas Atomizer (Full system including the Atomization unit, Cooling tower, Inert gas recovery system, Cyclone seperators etc.)
Vibrating Screeners & Filters (Powder Classification Systems)
Powder Blending Equipments
Wet & Dry Ball Mills for milling metal powder into Paste/Flakes
Wet & Dry Grinders for grinding metal powder into paste
Powder Metallurgy Parts Moulding Equipments
Powder Metallurgy parts degasification & heating furnaces
Hot-Isostatic-Pressing systems (HIP)
Hot Extrusion Process Machines (HEP)

and related auxiliary and accessories.

Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation and a prompt reply will be highly appreciable,

With warm regards,

Manish Laddha
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