We introduce ourselves as a Sister concern of Cirtex Corporation who are manufacturer's / exporters of Circular Looms for the Woven Sack Industry.

Our firm had been established in 1969 and is now an Important Plastic Machinery Exporter from India.

We have introduced Machinery to manufacture PP Mats and have successfully executed projects to manufacture the same in various Countries, the latest being Projects to manufacture 20000 PP Mats of Size 9' X 12' per Month in Sri Lanka and 19000 Kgs per Month of assorted sizes in Ethiopia.

The advantages of this project is that the Mats are widely accepted World over, the investment in Plant and Machinery is not very high and this project gives you, as a PP Woven Sack manufacturer an ideal opportunity to add value addition to your PP Tape Yarn waste as the primary input for manufacturing PP Mats is recycled Raffia Raw Material.

This project is ideal for you as a PP Woven Sack manufacturer as this gives you an opportunity to add at least 100% value addition to your waste.

If you need any further information or a Brief Synopsis on the PP Mat project, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanking you,

Ameet Barot.
Himar Fabrics & Pkg Pvt. Ltd.
Cirtex Corporation.
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