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Thread: Rob Dallow joins Kemutec Group Inc

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    Rob Dallow joins Kemutec Group Inc.

    As part of a strategic plan to secure more business in North America, Rob Dallow will join Kemutec Group Inc. as Vice President of Business Development.

    Previously based at the company’s head office in Macclesfield, UK, Rob has worked for Kemutec for 17 years and has been responsible for the worldwide sales and marketing of Kek and Gardner powder processing equipment.

    Taking up his new position at the end of September 2002, Rob will be based at Kemutec's US Sales & Distribution Centre in Bristol, PA. His role will be to strengthen and reinforce the sales and market development aspects for the Kek range of Centrifugal Sifters and Mills and the Mucon range of Iris Diaphragm, Disc and Butterfly Valves, Discharge Aids and Level Indicators.

    Kemutec opened their offices in Bristol in the early 1980s and have established a firm foothold in the US and Canadian markets through direct sales and via a network of manufacturers’ representatives.

    Rob will join David Johnson (Vice President of Sales) and the sales team to help grow the business through increased market penetration, focus and development of new products and applications. In addition, Rob brings with him increased support from the UK headquarters, where Kemutec have been successful in targeting specialist markets and processes.

    Tony Clark will now be responsible for all of Kemutec’s marketing activities. Based at Kemutec’s head office in Macclesfield, Tony will be responsible for international promotions of Kek, Gardner and Mucon products.

    Tony will continue his role as Mucon Business Manager i.e. in charge of worldwide sales of Mucon products

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    George Baker

    George Baker

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    Assinck Ltd.

    Assinck Ltd.

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    Canadian Sales??

    I am a very experienced pro active sales closer. 90% in field travel and have experience across Canada and N America.

    Would a resume be of interest? I was interested in reading the part in your article that said DIRECT SALES in CANADA?

    Kind Regards, George Baker

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