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Thread: Silos for PET Chips

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    Silos for PET Chips

    We are in the field of manufacturing SILOS for PET Chips. Please let us know the following information from your valued experience in the field of bulk handling equipment.

    1. Have you dealt with Silos for PET Chips?

    2. We understand that for PET Chip Silos, internal down corners are provided. Shall appreciate if you could support us with the details of internal down corner.

    Shall appreciate your feedback.

    S.G. Khatu
    Manager - Business Development
    Indus Engineering Company
    Mumbay - 400 059


    I built several PET chips silos and we reached the following conclusion :

    -Chips have a low density and product "bridge" non flowing

    -Unloading must be made by planetary unloader

    regards // Lazzaroni
    Prodex International
    Po box 46
    F 77502 Chelles Cedex

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