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Thread: Rotary valve for cement

  1. Rotary valve for cement

    Dear sir.
    We are looking for this type rotary vlave.

    Product: cement crude material
    Particle size: 90um sifter passed with 10% remains
    Operation capacity: 25 ~ 250 t/h
    Design capacity: 300 t/h
    Bulk Density: 1.3 kg/liter
    Moisture content: <1%
    Operation temperature: 350 degree C, max. instant temperature up to 600
    degree C
    Application: gravi-feeding to burner, locking out ambient air

    If you can provide this valve and have reference at same industry, please contact with us.
    Best regards
    Settee Zhang
    Compass Bulk Handling System Pte Ltd. Beijing Office,China

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    In my opinion, rotary valves are not suitable in this service. You should consider other feeding devices such as screw feeders followed by mass flow meters. The reason is that at these high temperatures the rotor may bind inside the valve body due to very high differential expansions and contractions.

    If you need our help in selecting a suitable feeding device, please contact us.


    Tim Agarwal
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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