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Thread: High-pressure Diverter valve

  1. High-pressure Diverter valve

    Dear everyone,

    We need one high-pressure diverter valve used for LLDPE powder in UCC process plant. The design pressure should be more than 30 bar and the angle of two outlet less than 60 degree.
    If you have some informations for this type valve,please contact us driectly.
    Best regards
    Settee Zhang
    Compass Bulk Handling System Pte Ltd. Beijing Office,China

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    Preston Spaulding - Macawber Engineering, USA Guest

    high pressure diverter valve

    Macawber manufactures several varieties of y-type valves for our dense phase pneumatic conveying systems; some manufacturers refer to them as diverters, but we call them switch valves. We would most likely use in this application our Dome Valve-type switch valve.

    Please refer to our web pages and for more information on our conveying systems and on the Dome Valve component which is available separately and therefore has its own website.

    Our standard designs are for conveying pressures up to around 70 psig but we have built higher pressure Dome Valves for process applications up to about 600 psig. If you would like us to consider designing and manufacturing a 250 psig Dome Valve Switch Valve for you, please e-mail me at:

    concerning size, quantity, connection details, required materials of construction, et cetera. At this point we don't see any technical problems in this concept.


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