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  1. Correcting 96 km Sarah OLC Information

    Dear Mulani,

    Suggest your read prior posting. 96 km long, installed in 1972 (46 years ago), Krupp did not design/install vertical lift...
  2. Explain "Foot & Mouth" - Sarcasm?


    I offer answers one-by-one.

    First, if the 1972 trolley did not have the fatalities, the remote location, Bedouin-Arab war and its...
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    Off Center Belt Tracking at Loading Station

    Dear Steve,

    Can you send me the chute geometry feeding this conveyor, including skirt boards and their alignment?

    Is the tracking behavior consistent, is it more cyclic, ...? This later point...
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    Ore Lateral Movement on Trough Belt

    First, sorry for the late reply. This is an academic point of interest.

    I am not sure I get your definition of "eccentrically loaded". I have witnessed Rio loading stations with high tonnage that...
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    Cleaning a Flexowall Style Belt

    Take a page from Dopplemayr, which use a belt turnover to contain contaminates on the return strand.

    Separately, you can calculate the impact force required to release the caked salt off the belt...
  6. Aerial Ropeway & Conventional Belt/Pipe Conveyors

    Today many installations are noted that use aerial ropeways while using conventional belts. These new class of conveyors also apply self-powered maintenance trolleys. Ropes separately support the...
  7. Self Powered Trolleys - 96 km OLC

    In 1972, Krupp installed the Phosbucraa 96 km overland Sahara desert OLC consisting of 11 flights. All were equipped with self-powered maintenance trolleys.

    Unfortunately, the conveyors suffered...
  8. Maintenance Trolleys & Overland Conveyors +200 km OLC?

    CDI has recently designed a 210 km OLC with individual flights over 30 km. The OLC is completely elevated and fully fitted with self powered maintenance trolleys. I do not know any client that would...
  9. Self Powered Maintenance Trolleys on Long Overlands

    Conveyor Dynamics, Inc. (CDI) has installed many long and undulating overlands with self powered maintenance trolleys. There are multiple ways to exceed the standard norms of slope stability. Many...
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    Added Technical Point on Technology for Air Supported Conveyors

    CDI also uses CFD modeling to properly design the air plenum, its sealing system, and air entry nozzles and placement for both carry and return strands. Many return strands are fitted with return...
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