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Thread: Belt Conveyor Training Courses

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    David Beckley Guest

    Belt Conveyor Design Courses

    Conveyor Design Consultants of WA, a West Australian based consultancy that has specialised in belt conveyor design for the past 30 years, now run technical training courses in belt conveyor engineering and belt conveyor safety. To date, over 200 Australian engineers and senior maintenance personnel from major consulting and mining companies throughout the country have attended these courses. These courses are recognised by the Institution of Engineers, Australia for Continuing Professional Development purposes.

    We are currently planning a four day Belt Conveyor Engineering Course to be run in England in September 2003 and would like to hear from anyone in the UK who might be interested in attending. We would also consider running this course in other parts of the World.

    For futher details about this course or courses in Australia, please contact David Beckley by email to

    I look forward to receiving your reply.

    David Beckley
    Conveyor Design Consultants of WA.
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