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Thread: Partners wanted - Bulk Solids Coolers

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    van Hoorn Guest

    Partners Wanted - Bulk Solids Coolers

    I have developed a new counter-flow bulk solids cooler using water as the cooling medium. The cooler is very similar to the Bulkflow Technologies cooler except that I use flat cooling plates and plates with one flat side and one dimpled side. This is a big advantage over the Bulkflow cooler as the profile of the plate allows more difficult flowing materials and powders to be cooled.

    I am looking for help to take it to production. I invite partners or businesses with an interest in this to contact me. I can do the detailed design if I can get help with the marketing and manufacture.

    Please send me your email address and telephone number. Serious inquiries only please.

    Ir. G.J. van Hoorn

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    Larry Stone - Kason Corp., USA Guest

    New Powder Cooler

    Dear Mr vanHoom,

    Kason Corporation currently manufactures vibrating fluid bed coolerw. If you equipment can expand our markets for this type of equipment we would be interested in working with you.

    You can see our equipment on our website www.kason .com.

    My e-mail is

    Very truly yours
    Larry Stone

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