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Thread: Bulk Containers for Powder

  1. Bulk Containers for Powder

    We need to move a couple of tonnes of fine quicklime powder per day over a distance of 300 metres on a clean work site.

    Does anyone know of a standard container we could purchase that would allow us to fill it through the top and empty it into a Screw Conveyor for dosing to the process?

    We would only need 5 - 10 units.

    With thanks in expectation


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    CandM Guest
    Good day sir.
    Bulk bags is an easy and efficient way of transporting dry powder goods to and from operations. We manufacture filling and discharging equipment for bulk bags. If you would be interested, you can Private Message or e-mail me for any help in the consideration of such equipment.

    Best regards,


  3. Bulk Quicklime Handling

    Thanks CandM

    Yes we are familiar with the use of Bulka Bags but they are not the way to go with quicklime powder.

    Am still hoping someone has experience with a better container with a spill free , dust free outlet into a small Screw Conv.

    Thanks anyway


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    CandM Guest
    hi there,
    Is the quick lime "cementicious" in consistency?? Does it tend to emulate a liquid when aerated?? Perhaps our cone table design densification table can help you!
    The cone table de-aerates the powder and creates a sqaure stable bulk bag for transport and for discharging.

  5. Quicklime Bulka Bag handling

    G'day Adrian

    quicklime powder does aerate but the biggest problem is that it is very hygroscopic taking up to a third of its weight in moisture from the air and is exothermic with the reaction giving off sufficient heat to melt liners etc.

    Will look at your tables for another job though.


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    CandM Guest
    If you ever need anything, just write me a PM.

  7. Container!

    A standard container to provide you with the dust control and the ability to tranfer the material to a screw conveyor may not be easy to find.
    However if you can move the material with a lift truck or forklift there are many containers that can easily be modified to do the job.
    I don't know were you are located. Try to find a place that makes combination dump buckets. You can find them in construction sites to pour concrete, in mills, foundries etc
    Let me know if you need help finding this.
    Antonio Reis

  8. Bulk Quicklime Powder

    Thanks Antonio & Co

    I am in Australia and the project is for a new mine on a French Island out in the Pacific Ocean.

    Yes we will have rough terrain forklifts available and yes the problem will be finding containers that prevent leakage when emptying to the dosing screw conveyor.


  9. Mike,
    I would build some for you if you were in the USA.
    The shipment costs will probably be more expensive than the cost of the containers.
    It is not to difficult to build and with some work you can create a receiver for the screw conveyor.
    I think that for QTY of 5 units about 2 1/2 tons your cost including process integration should be aroung $15K.
    I don't know the prices in Australia.


    Antonio Reis

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    pohbs Guest

    You may want to contact:

    Mr Steven Perry

    National Bulk Equipments; Inc
    Unit 1 / 47 Musgrave Road
    Coopers Plains
    Queensland, Australia 4108
    Phone: 61 7 3277 0700
    Fax: 61 7 3277 8477

    He will be able to provide a solution.


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