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Thread: ratholing prevention

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    ratholing prevention

    One way to avoid ratholing is to build near-to-flat bottom silos, equipped with vibrating floors.
    Will gladly inform you further

    Jean-Claude Poncet
    Silexport International

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    A flat vibrating bottom should be used very carefully as it can make some bulk solids more compact and result in flow problems.


    Amrit Agarwal (Tim)
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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    Vibrating floor

    A vibrating floor is not flat, and is not a vibrating bottom. It is a completely different technology.
    The vibrating floor works by granting the product volumic expansion.
    We recently commissionned the first bulk flour ship ever constructed. The vibrating floor is very efficient at destabilizing rat holes which form at the outset of the aspiration.

    Jean-Claude Poncet

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    It will be good if you clarify your design of these " near- to-flat, vibrating bottom" bins so that we can all understand this "new technology" you are recommending.


    Amrit Agarwal

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    vibrating floor

    "near-to-flat" means usually 5 to 12, depending on the product and throuput required.
    In the ship previously mentionned, the floor is slanted at 18, to achieve a reclaim capacity of 70 t/h of flour out of 1 aspiration tube. There are altogeither 10 tubes in the ship.
    For an introduction to this new technology, may we suggest a visit of our site
    Jean-Claude Poncet

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