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  1. lean phase software

    Can anyone recommend blower sizing software for lean phase conveying systems?

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    Dr M Bradley Guest
    I can certainly make a recommendation which will be more use to you than any other:

    Don't even bother with trying to use software for serious sizing of system components! It's a recipe for disaster!

    We have been designing pneumatic conveying systems at The Wolfson Centre for over twenty years and have tried most of the "mathematical" approaches to prediction of pressure drop. They all mislead you! We still stick with some conveying trials with the material to be handled.

    The trouble is that no physical correlation or calculation captures the true behaviour of the material you are going to convey - effects of product type can be so severe that we have seen huge differences in the air flow and pressure requirements to onvey two materials which appeared very similar - same density, particle size etc.

    The only reliable way is to have some real conveying data on the material you're going to handle. If you don't have it, get someone to do some conveying trials for you. Then you can size your blower with confidence.

    Mike Bradley.

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    Blower sizing software is available from most major lobe type blower vendors but this software can only be used if the gas flow, the blower discharge pressure, and ambient conditions are known.

    If gas flow and pressure are not known, software for their calculations is available from several sources. You can get it from our company also for a nominal price.


    Amrit Agarwal (Tim)
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

  4. software

    Please send details to Chris Martin at

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    Pl Gjerde Guest

    Re: lean phase software


    That`s the best i have seen.

    Pl Gjerde

  6. I share Dr. Bradleys opinion about usib software without "inside knowledge" of powders behaviour.

    Beside this I would recommend to use the following software:

    The use of this testversion is limited to 30 days.

    Best regards
    Klaus Schneider

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