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Thread: Separation of Powders

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    Andrew Kucharze Guest

    Question separation

    Hi everyone,

    I looking for technology for separation of powders. Carbon particles mostly with size range from 15 micron and bellow.
    Main aim is to separate some particles up to 2, 3 micron range.

    It is possible?

    Andrew Kucharzewski

  2. Good day,

    We have experience and machines in operation but to give you more details we need:

    Chemical reference of your product
    Size repartition
    output needed
    your target

    Regards // Lazzaroni
    Prodex International
    Po box 46
    F 77502 Chelles Cedex

  3. Thumbs up Air Classifiers


    Nice to see a fellow Australian using this forum. Take a look at our website for an introduction to our company. We are manufacturers of Air Classifiers and Mills. We have extensive experience in Carbon milling and more specific for your application Carbon Classification. I will send you a questionaire asking for more information. If you wish to investigate the suitability of our systems we can undertake trials in our newly opened Technical Centre.


    Malcolm Cunningham

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    Thumbs up Classifiers

    Hello Malcom,

    Probably a too late answer, but anyway... Our Company is spezialised in classifying ultra-fine powders. We have machines working up to 2um cut. If we can still help you please contact us.

    Visit our site at and write us a mail if it interest you.

    Have a nice day,

    lex Farreras

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    separation of powders

    we can assist you with engineering and equipment.
    Our engineering department, headed by former Hosokawa people, can complete a first study at Euro 1100

    Also check out

    Hans Kwist - Director
    Roselaarplein 36 - 4701BR Roosendaal
    The Netherlands
    Tel: 31 165 394969
    Fax: 31 165 393522

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    I sugest you to visit SORTECH website
    The TRIBOCLASSIFIER may be an interesting solution for
    your aplication.
    S. Bar
    Chief Engineer
    Ludan engineering LTD.

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    Thumbs up Classification and separation

    Dear Mr. Kucharzewski,

    We produce a range machinery to separate particles in the sub micron range, and can also perform this as a toll processing service.

    Have a look at

    If you would like to have more specific information, please contact me

    Marc Zwart
    Noll processing technology

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    Adi_Mogilevsky Guest


    Please send us your material for tests.
    We think we could do that
    The TriboClassifierTM developed and patented ( USA # 6,439,394 B1 and # 6,095,965 ) by SorTech Separation Technologies LTD uses a new technology for dry bulk powder process separation and classification.

    TriboClassifierTM uses a rotating conical bowl and has a surface roughness and rotational speed calculated to best suit the particular classification requirement.

    The TriboClassifierTM is fully enclosed with a small footprint, a very modest power requirement and can process powder at the rate of several kilograms to tons per hour.

    SorTech has developed a novel classification process based on triboclassification. The Triboclassifier utilized the principal that, if a particle is moving over a surface whose roughness is comparable to the particle size, the apparent coefficient of friction depends on particle size.

    The TriboClassifierTM is suitable now for bulk powder with mean particle sizes in the range of 1m to 300m.

    The companys experience, earned through extensive research and development on a variety of materials and with different separation objectives, shows that the Triboclassifer can provide solutions to many existing problems.

    Adi Mogilevsky, Mr., MBA
    Marketing Director
    Sortech Separation Technologies Ltd..
    5 Keryat Mada St.
    Har Hotzvim Technology Park
    Jerusalem, Israel 91450
    Mobile: +972-67-805-649
    Tel: +972-2-5870662
    Fax: +972-2-5870642
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    Thumbs up Separation


    We produce nickel sieve material down to 3 micon openings, to a +/- 2 micron tolerance.

    Doug Ondrak

    If you need any additional information please contact Julie at

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    smalljenny Guest

    Supply Separator Machine

    [QUOTE=Andrew Kucharze;2159]Hi everyone,

    I looking for technology for separation of powders. Carbon particles mostly with size range from 15 micron and bellow.
    Main aim is to separate some particles up to 2, 3 micron range.

    It is possible?

    Andrew Kucharzewski[/QUOTE

    We are Chinese company, a professional manufacture of vibrating screen. It is a special-typed, high-precision filtration machine. We can provide you best quality productions with low price, and we also could make out the sactisfactory productions as your demand
    My email address is
    Looking forward to your reply
    Best regards!

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