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Thread: Transport of Big Bags to Storage Silos

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    Transport of Big Bags to storage silos

    We would appreciate if you could announce this project in your forum, in order for us to have some technical solutions, concerning the following:

    - Transport of dry clay from Big Bag to storage silos, using Vacuum or other technology:

    - Height of the Silos - 7 mts.;
    - Distance between Big Bags to the Silos - about 15 mts.;
    - Capacity 1,5 Tons for each 3 minutes;
    *- Clay Density: 2;
    - Granulometry - 0 to 3,5mm.

    This situation is typical for transport of clay from Big Bags, on the ground, to be storaged in silos.

    Looking forward to hearing from You.


    AeroVent, Lda.

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    A successful method for transporting a product, such as the clay, from a bulk bag unloader to the silo would be via tubular drag conveyor. We have been very successful in conveying all types of products in a tubular drag conveyors and feel that this would be the most efficient way to do so. We also manufacture pnematic systems but feel that the tubular is best for this material. You can visit our website at to obtain more information on the tubular drags plus view the other equipment that we provide.

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    Powdered dry clay can be vacuum dilute phase conveyed from bulk bags to the storage silos. You will need a stand on which the bulk bag can be positioned for discharging into the conveying line via a feeder. Use aluminum conveying line with long radius bends. Use a bin vent filter with an air to cloth ratio of about 2.

    You may contact us if you need more help.


    Amrit Agarwal (Tim)
    Pneumatic Conveying Consultants

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    eleveyor Guest
    One of your best means of moving clay in either, damp (sticky) or dry form would be the sandwich belt conveyor. The application described by you can be easily handled by our EleVeyor Series
    EL-610-30 totally enclosed (for dust control) conveyor. We'll guaranty satisfactory performance or your money back.

    For more info contact

    W. Plaut,
    Product Mgr.
    EleVeyor Mfg. Div.

  5. You can also check for possible use of screw feeder + screw conveyor arrangement or bulk flow / Redler type conveying

    If inclination is very sharp, the screw can be in tubular trough. Inclination also does not pose difficulty for the other type. Both the arrangements are dust tight.

    What about the number of silos and their relative location.

    Ishwar G Mulani.
    Author of Book : Engineering Science and Application Design for Belt Conveyors.
    Email :

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