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Thread: Milk of Lime Slurry 10km Pipeline

  1. Milk of Lime Slurry 10km Pipeline

    We are currently working on a major project in the Pacific and are considering the alternatives of pneumatic tanker transport of up to 500 TPD of quicklime over a mountain versus slaking and pumping the Milk Of Lime slurry about 10 kms.

    Does anyone know of an operation in the world that is pumping MOL this far?

    Perhaps someone who has had a smaller scale experience good or bad, may care to offer their comments?

    With thanks


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    We have no experience from pipline transportation of lime slurry.

    But we have put quite an extensive work effort into designing a pipeline transportation system for flyash slurry, so please find enclosed excerpts from an offer that, at best, perhaps could be of some peripheral interest for the general public as a second opinion, even though the project was never realized.

    Best regards



    I have not been able to enclose two technical drawings (due to lack of computerlitteracy), but they can be sent directly by e-mail by contacting us on, or by contacting the internet discussion forum editor, whom has received copies of the drawings transformed into Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf files.


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    Robert Cooke Guest
    It sounds like the pipeline option will be the most economic (provided the hydraulics over the hill are acceptable). The starting point is measuring the rheology of the slurry.

    The Rugby pipeline in the UK transports lime slurry over a distance of 90 km.

    If you provide me with specific requirements, I could be of more assistance (

  4. Robert

    Thanks for the response.
    This project is currently under review and it is possible that Milk of Lime transportation may not be required.

    I am interested in your comments, firstly re measuring the rheology of the slurry. What is required? Can this be done successfully using laboratory prepared quicklime and milk of lime? We currently have not even finalised which limestones will be used.

    Particularly interested in details of the Rugby pipeline. Do you have experience or names or contacts that could tell me things like the density, quantity?

    With thanks

    Mike McBain

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    Robert Cooke Guest
    Hello Mike

    Slurry rheology is usually measured in a laboratory using either rotational or tube viscometers. The slurry volume required for the measurement depends on the method used. We generally request at least three litres of slurry for the tests.

    We also have viscometers for measuring slurry rheology on site but this is normally done for an operating pipeline for auditing/validation purposes or to provide input for the control system.

    If you send me your email address I will send you some recent papers describing the Rugby pipeline (the files are larger than the forum limit).



  6. Thanks again Robert

    My E-mail is...

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