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Thread: In-line sampling from a positive pressure pneumatic conveying line.

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    In-line sampling from a positive pressure pneumatic conveying line.

    I have an urgent need for a sampler that will work on a positive pressure lean phase pneumatic conveying line.

    The material to be sampled is a fine powder.

    In the past when such systems have been evaluated, it is the recovery of the material from the air stream and the long term reliability of the device that has remained a challenge.

    Any information on the selection of such a device and experience (good or bad) from anyone who has undertaken the same or a similar project would be appreciated.

    The line i.d. is 125mm and, based on evaluations undertaken, requirement would be for a total sample of approx. 10kg. composed of individual samples of 50g each taken over a 24 hr period at approx. 7 min intervals.

    Line velocity is approx. 15m/sec.

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    ID&T Guest

    Online sampling


    You are right, there has been some bad experience in sampling on pressurized systems. It is not possible to do a representative sampler to build in into the transport line.

    ID&T have a system to sample representative from this kind of transport system.

    please contact me on E mail for further informations

  3. Re your enquiry for sampling from pressure lines.

    It is important to know the reason why material is being sampled from a pneumatic conveying line. i.e chemical analysis, moisture content analysis, particle size analysis etc.

    There are thousands of applications worldwide of successful sampling from pneumatic conveying lines, but in each case, it is important to know the reason for sampling, and the location of the sampler.

    Intersystems gave a paper to The Insitute of Mechanical Engineers in 1991 on this very subject, and if you send me your fax number, I can forward it to you.

    Many fine powders such as cement and titanium dioxide have been successfully sampled from pneumatic conveying lines, but there are certain features required on the sampler.

    If you would like more details, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Steve Hill
    Dowson Handling

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    IQSFreiberg Guest

    test of sampling equipments

    if you need any information regarding possible uncertainties causes by the sampling equipments, contact us please. We are experienced in doing practical tests.
    W. Rasemann

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