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Thread: Atex 100a Directive

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    boursr Guest

    Exclamation Atex 100a Directive

    The introduction of ATEX 100a Directive is prone and will have an immediate effect on the future design of dust handling installations. One of the main questions still to be answered is what will be the requirements for installations in service before the mandatory implementation date of ATEX. Please share comments/opinion.

    How are the non-EC countries viewing the need to comply with ATEX for all equipment intended for use in dust or vapor explosive atmospheres?

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    Peter Brown Guest


    I am trying to confirm if ATEX100 requires ALL explosion vent closures (i.e. bursting panels, relief doors etc) will need 3rd party testing and approval as from 2003.
    If this is the case, where can I obtain a list of approved testing organisations?

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    boursr Guest


    all venting devices, non-reclosing and reclosing, will have to comply to the minimum requirements of the ATEX 100a Directive. Basically they will have to be tested and certified to demonstrate their ability to vent the explosion in a predictable fashion, and cause no hazard for the installation, workers or others.

    A list of NoBo's (notified bodies) can be found on a dedictaed webpage from the European Commission. Details are avaliable when required-please advise

    A good information is available at

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    pzeeuwen Guest
    All protection systems need to be certified, as per previous reply. However, if they are built as part of the whole equipment (i.e. not traded separately and then fitted onto the equipment), it would be certified as part of the equipment.

    This is so because the ATEX 95 (or 100a) Directive is a free trade Directive and only concerned with placing equipment on the market.

    Since many types of equipment do not require third-party testing and certification, this could mean that such protection systems may escape the indepenend test and certification procedure.

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