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    luodengjun Guest
    Is there someone knows where can get two component screen adhesive to adhere metal screen mesh to the metal frame?

  2. Dear Luodengjun,

    Your most likely immediate supplier for the required adhesive will be the manufacturer/supplier of the screen material.

    Failing this, try companies such as Belzona, Global Resins, and Rema Tip Top. You will probably want a rubberized two-part epoxy for the application. You may also require a primer.

    Good luck on your search.

    Dave Miller
    ADM Consulting
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    Uniontown, Ohio 44685 USA
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    Pete Hoffmann - Guest

    pretensioned screen panels

    If you require a screen mesh bonded to a frame - we manufacture thousands of "pretensioned" screen panels for our own and other competitors vibrating screens - If you would like for us to provide you with this service - please e-mail us your contact information and additional information to:

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    George Baker

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    screen repair adhesive

    Welding is the quickest answer but, normally the mesh would have to be fully inserted into a metal reinforced edging. The type of hook would in fact be dictated by the finest of the mesh which is being manufactured into a pre-tensioned frame.

    A very fine mesh cloth would in fact be turned inside the metal reinforcing edge sometimes 2-3 times and "sandwiched" or "locked" into place. This would stop the mesh from pulling out of the section upon installation and tensioning across the arch of the vibrating equipment deck.

    If not a vibrating application.........per say.......on a vibrating screening machine.......not as critical. If repairing a fine mesh piece of cloth in a testing sieve......i suggest buy new the result of attempting to repair this would be very costly if material was rejected due to false testing sieve readings.

    KIND Regards, George Baker

  5. Why not change your screen panel from steel wire to polyurathene panel with rail that features without bolts and long life.
    If you want my help . Call me: zhangxinmin 03563616343
    Chenzhuang coal mine
    Jincheng, shanxi

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    I use a two part system for some of my quick screening. If stretching a finer mesh screen this works good since it hardens in about 15 seconds. I do not have the name with me but if you need it Email me at
    Lee Hochadel
    HK Technologies

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    martin c Guest
    Dear Sir
    Russell finex can offer all the bonding expertise required for you needs.
    We have screen bonding facilities in America(N Carolina), Belgium and at our main factory in London UK.

    We offer a 24 hr return eitheron your own mesh frame or we can supply new
    please let us know if we can help further.

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