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Thread: Gas Solid Heat Transfer in a Cement Kiln

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    Posted by Puneet Gupta on January 28, 2000 at 11:54:29:

    I am an undergraduate student of Chemical Engg. at IIT-Delhi. I am working on a project onreducing the particle size of clinker as it is formed in the burning zone of the kiln.
    Generally the feed to the kiln in the form of raw mix consists of particles
    all less than 90µm. However as the clinker comes out of the kiln its size is
    about 50-75 mm varying from plant to plant. Essentialy clinker size is a
    function of many variables like rpm of the kiln, dia of the kiln, burning zone
    temperature, solid fill percentage, etc. I am looking for:-

    1)References on the topic and related topics,
    2)Addresses of people working in the area of kiln design and operations
    3)Addresses of researchers working in the area of gas solid heat transfer.
    I'll be greatly oblidged if you can provide me with the same. Also please
    write to me about your areas of interest and to which organisation you are
    attached to. Perhaps we can have some meaningful discussion.Please email to me at
    Looking forward to your reply.

    Puneet Gupta

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    Re: Gas Solid Heat Transfer in a Cement Kiln

    Posted by jatinder singh on June 01, 2000 at 00:10:02:

    In Reply to: Gas Solid Heat Transfer in a Cement Kiln posted by Puneet Gupta on January 28, 2000 at 11:54:29:

    my name is jatinder and i am basically looking for
    exactly same answers. i have tried to ask the same
    to so many experts, specially japnees and french
    but no body wants to share anything, they say all
    this type of research is said to secreat, as their
    company invests lot of mony into it,
    any way as soon as i recieve any software or material
    related i will surely inform u,
    but try to contect NCBM sciencetists, they are working
    on new type of kiln design with horizental cyclones.
    u can contect them at hydrabad and delhi centers,
    i m right know in dubai, Ras al khaimah cement co.
    management is french from "lafarge" we have lot of training
    softwares on kiln which r already installed in pcs
    but i,ll try anyway.
    i m very much intrested in cyclone design.
    why not contect Dr. pitchumani IIT DELHI, he will surely help



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