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Thread: Bulk Sampling and Bulk handling- design in Solid Works.

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    Posted by Industri Design Teknik- Denmark on November 20, 2000 at 12:14:05:

    We are a Dänish Company,5 employee, who are making design and projects in mashinery for material handling and representative sampling. Develloping of special mashines, belt conveyors, equipment for bulk and powder sampling, in coal, limestone, cementclinker, cement powder, iron ore, chemical industri, medical industri. Special conveyor systems for bulk material or package handling.
    11 years of experience in total project from scratsch - design- production- erection to test run on site including documentation and manuals.
    Designing by Solid Works, ME10, Acad 2000

    Looking for coorporation in the above areas by making drawings or projects or delivery of mashinery.
    Language: German, English and Sweedish

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    ramaswamy Guest

    Co -operation

    We are a Consulting company in Material handling and Bulk handling, We also deal with vatious bulk handling component suppliers.
    We work as an extended arm for many clients in co-ordinating their project need from skratch to completion. We are associated with many reputed engineering firms where we can get many things manufactured.
    If you have any jobs that needs to be manufactured in Singapore, Malatsia, Australia, Philipines, we can be of great resource.
    Please let us have your valuable enquiry.

    Best regards,

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