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Thread: Container Stackers for Nepal

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    Posted by Udaya L. Shrestha on September 10, 1999 at 10:32:29:

    Dear Dr.R.Wohlbier,

    An undergoing project here which is being implemented with the
    financial assistance of the World Bank is in need of REACH STACKERS
    of 40 tons capacity each and capable of lifting and stacking loaded
    containers upto 3 container height. This is for an under-construction
    dry port.

    This dry port will be handling most of the import/export of the country
    that is done through land transport (railways and surface carriers -
    trucks/containers) to and from the nearest Indian seaport of Calcutta.
    (You may be aware that Nepal is a landlocked country).

    I would very much appreciate if you could kindly refer some reputed
    companies (manufacturers/fabricators /suppliers) of Reach Stackers
    with their addresses and email.

    Best Regards

    Udaya L. Shrestha

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    Dear Sir,

    Would you be intrested in Hirring a Reach Stacker or a used one.
    kindly e-mail me your contact Details to Discuss Further.
    Bye Bye


    R K DUA
    e-mail :

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