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Thread: Used Ballmills, Classifiers, Filters for Calcium Carbonate

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    Author Guest

    Used Ballmills, Classifiers, Filters

    Dear Sir,

    We are looking for companies who will sell used equipment like ballmills, classifiers, and filters; to produce calcium carbonate in powder foarm.

    So we need names for companies who sell used machines.

    Kind regards,

    Eng. Shami Shannak
    Executive Manager
    Petra Calcium Carbonate Ltd.

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    David Regan Guest

    Calcium Carbonates

    We are a manufacturing company that makes relpacement screens for the sizing calcium carbonates. Round Screens to fit Sweco, Macon and Midwestern vibratory units.

    Please feel free to contact me personally.


    David Regan
    918-836-7249 fax

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