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Thread: Coal-on-Conveyor Moisture Analysis

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    Question coal-on-conveyor moisture analysis

    Is there any moisture analysis equipment available for real-time sampling of metalurgical coal on conveyor belts?

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    Coal on conveyor moisture analysis


    There are several companies making these systems, based on microwave technology.

    Michael Reid.

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    ACO Guest
    ACO has solutions for measuring online coal on a conveyor belt.
    Depending on the material there are several solutions possible.
    Either high frequency dielectric shift (capacitive), microwave or neutron measruement.
    Is the material conductive and what particle size has the coal. Please send a query to ACO.
    Best regards
    Johannes Mergl

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    Dear Mr./Mrs. Mildenberger,

    we are manufacturer of real-time moisture measuring systems for
    bulk materials, which has to measured on conveyor devices, silos, mixers etc.. Our measuring method based on microwave technology, which does not generate any licencing like the
    neutron measurement. Our Moisture Measuring Probes are equipped with an exchangeable measuring head for high wear and tear intensive applications. We could imagine to install the probe with our sledge on your conveyor device. For more informations and technical details, please contact us directly
    (e-mail:,, phone: ++49(0)6131 91046-0, fax: ++49(0)06131 91046-24).

    With best regards

    i.o. Bernd Hochsttter

    Manfred Ludwig
    - managing director


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