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Thread: In-line Particle Analysis

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    zunino Guest

    Question In line particle analysis

    I need a liable device for the determination in-line of the concentration of powders in streams of air coming from filters (H or F class).

  2. Dear Mr. Zunino,

    I am sorry but we don't have this kind of equipment.
    We can offer you Online particle analyzers to measure the particle size and shape as well as an instrument which measures the flowability of powders and granulates.

    Kind regards

    Robert Waggeling

    For more information, please visit:

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    Author Guest

    In line particle analysis

    You may wish to contact Malvern Instruments UK at

    Professor D. Geldart

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    On-line Particle Size Analiser

    Dear Sir,

    I'm jnwinner,we can support Winner 7000 on-line laser particle size monitors

    Jinan Winner Particle Technology Co.,Ltd

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