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Thread: Proximity Switch for Shiploader Telescopic Chute

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    tareypc - ISPAT, Kazakhstan Guest

    Proximity Switch for Shiploader Telescopic Chute

    I am looking for a suitable proximity swich to be used in a telescopic chute of a shiploader. The material being loaded is "Direct Reduced Iron" (DRI). DRI contains considerable fines and it is quite dusty, when ship is being loaded. Moreover, DRI is prone to catching fire. Please recommend what type of proximity switch is suitable for this application.

  2. Hello tareypc,

    I suggest you to mention function of proximity switch. Whether it is in conjunction with raising / lowering function of telescopic chute. Or is it also for prevention of collision from sides etc.

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  3. Hello tareypc,

    Given that the material you are carrying is capable of making (tripping) prox switches, you are probably better off with limit switches.

    To protect against potential fire damage, shield the I/O cable in metal piping in the danger zone. You can also shield the switch box (but not the arm).

    There are a number of suppliers of both proximity switches and limit switches. If possible, you should choose a suitable switch from a high quality manufacturer that has local representation and is compatible with your control system.

    Hope this helps.

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