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    EBM Mill & Elevator Supply

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    EBM Mill and Elevator Supply manufactures the vibrationless Gentle Roll cleaner. The Gentle Roll is making a difference in the operations of many companies across the country. Some of the uses for a Gentle Roll include scalping, and sifting whole grain, minerals and meal. Extruded items such as pellets, cubes, crumbles and pet food are especially suited for the Gentle Roll because the gentle, vibrationless, rolling action conditions the product. Sharp edges are rubbed off and fall out of the cleaner. That is much better than falling off later in processing and remaining with the end product. The Gentle Roll has also been introduced into many other industries such as salt, coffee, edible beans, recycled rubber, fish food and bird seed. We will look forward to speaking with you about your facility and how the Gentle Roll can make a difference for your company too.

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