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Thread: Crawler Mounted Reclaimer/Excavator for Sale

  1. Crawler Mounted Reclaimer/Excavator For Sale

    Virtually new (3000hr) KRUPP Bucket Wheel Machine available. Complete with hopper car and cable reel. 36' Bucket Wheel. Wheel boom length 76'1". Dischare Boom Length 88'6". Wheel Drive 1400HP.
    Comes with approx. USD$3.0million in Spare Parts.
    Please feel free to contact us anytime for additional information.
    Al Goodmundson

  2. Kindly send the details of capacity and cargo it is handling presently. Pls. send photographs of the machine.

    Also send the location details bcoz we would like to visit and see the machine, if interested.

    Jigishu Shah

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