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Thread: Bagged Rice Loading/Discharging

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    Bagged rice loading/discharging

    We are now considering a transhipment terminal project for bagged rice exporting, but face a bottle-neck of loading/discharging rate for bagged rice(broken) any suggestion beside cargonet/sling ?

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    Helmut Mayer

    Helmut Mayer

    Director and Principal Engineer

    Mayer International Group Pty. Ltd. [eDir]

    Mayer International Group Pty. Ltd.
    Bulk handling methods have been used for bagged produce.

    For example, you can use conveyors to transport from your stockyard to the ship. Transfer points are laid out appropriately and the discharge chute can use a slide of sorts, for example a spiral slide.

    In the hold, you then need to stack the bags. Depending on the bag and hold shape, this could possibly be automated.

    Stacking form will also be driven by unloading mechanisms at the other end, especially if you do not wish to have any manual handling. However, manual handling is still used with smaller bags.
    Helmut Mayer
    B.E.-Aerospace B.Sc.-Psyc
    Director and Principal Engineer
    Mayer International Design Engineers Pty Ltd
    Specialist Engineering of Material Handling Equipment,
    Cranes and other Custom Machines

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    Due to nature of project, it will work as transhipment terminal involve loading/unloading from barge to handy cargoship, any recommendation. much appreciated ! 50 Kgs/Bag

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    Frenky60 Guest
    I'm interested and our company have a lot of experiences in this field, please contuct us and give us some more datas in order to allow us to prepare some reference for similar works.

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    Saccaggi Francesco

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