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Thread: Enquiry for KRAFT PAPER

  1. Enquiry for KRAFT PAPER

    Dear Sirs,

    Enquiry in a public tender for the supply of 4500 M/T SACK KRAFT PAPER of substance 80Gr/M2.

    The bid bond is U.S.$ 35.000.- for each 1000 M/T.

    The closing date is 18.02.2004.

    To whom it may concern, please advise if interested in quoting so that we may provide you with the tender documents.

    Best regards

    Elias Zreik

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    Senega Guest
    Hi, We are the leading exporter of construction materials from India. Do you still have the requirement? Pls let us know.

    Senega Systems
    Tel:+91-80-2552 4122
    mob: +91-94484 72227

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