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    Attrition Mills

    We are looking at a bauer 24t attrition mill to process bentonite clay to a 100% -80 tyler mesh size. I have no information on this mill and was wondering if anybody out there has had any experiences with this machine. What are the horsepower requirements, capacity, and parts availibility. Thanks

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    R. Schatz - G&A Industrieanlagen, Germany Guest
    Dear Mr. Sutton

    We are a German based company manufacturing Attition Mills - with special know-how about the processing of bentonite, especially about the fine grinding or the simultaneous grinding and drying of bentonite clay.

    Please sent us detailed information about your application, we will sent you particle size distributions of bentonite, pulverized with our G&A AIRMILL. Tests with your material are possible.

    Please contact:
    - Mr. Rolf Schatz -

  3. It is some time since you logged your question but please check out the original Atritor Dryer-Pulveriser with particular bentonite simultaneous drying and milling experience. Sorry we can't help you with the Bauer machine you mention but we may be of help in the future. Website:

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