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Thread: Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

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    Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

    I am looking for the contact addresses of vibrating grizzly feeder manufacturers having experience of following:

    Capacity: 1650 mtph
    Material: Coal
    Size: (-)250 mm
    To scalp-)25 MM

    The grizzly feeder is required for power plant application in crusher house for feeding ring granulator type crusher. (-) 25 mm coal is intended to bypass the crusher.

    Is there any problem in designing grizzly feeders with such capacities?

    G. Ravindra

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    George Baker

    George Baker

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    Grizzly Feeder

    Hello Ravindra: This application is quite normal and easy.

    The Metric TPH of 1650 is of no problem for a brute force grizzly feeder. My company can applicate, supply, install and commission the full scope of equipment needed here.

    The design of this style of feeder is common, it is not new and is probably about 100 year old technology.

    The angle of installation would be typically zero degree flat, with a 2 shaft geared drive assembly that would move the coal from the feed end of the FEEDER to the discharge end of the feeder at a 45 degree STROKE angle. The material would be stroked up into the air nominal 7/16" high.........allowing the material to move towards the discharge end of the feeder and into the mouth of the ring type crusher. When the material is lifted up into the air.....the coarse is suspended and the fines in the feed are allowed to drop down through the bed of material to pass the 1" nominal opening in the grizzly bar area and BYPASS the crusher. This optimizes the TPH into the crusher that truly needs to be crushed and allows the fines to bypass and not unnecessarily fill the crusher chamber with material that does not need to be there.

    The RPM should be setup as a VARIABLE SPEED motor to control flow on the feeder into the crusher. Typically the max high side RPM on this type of BRUTE FORCE HEAVY DUTY FEEDER is about 795 RPM tops. We do not want to stop the feeder with a full load on it either......then try to start the motor many times during the day....this is not recommended. Much better to have a low side RPM setting on the vari speed drive of say 400 rpm that fact...sees the feeder still run..........but NOT feed material (coal) into the CRUSHER. Much more desirable to TURN the feeder up to full RPM from here than from a dead stop.

    WEIGHT per cu ft of this coal?? assume 50 lbs cubic foot range?
    Maximum top size expected to be fed onto feeder and into crusher. Nominal sieve analysis of feed to crusher.

    Last but not least, what is the mouth of the crusher opening dimensions? This is key to matching up the proper width of feeder also.

    REGARDS, George Baker........Consultant and Moderator

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