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Thread: Flexible Fabric Silos by Collinson

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    Flexible Fabric Silos by Collinson

    Vencel Resil, the UK’s largest producer of EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulation products, turned to storage experts Collinson when they needed a bulk storage facility within their new factory extension in Howden, East Yorkshire.

    This is the latest development for this rapidly growing company, famous for the brand leader Jablite.

    Maximum storage capacity was required at the new site, to store the virgin EPS as it matured, at the post-expansion stage. An area of the building was allocated for storage, and Collinson were asked to optimise this space.

    Tests carried out by the HSE have shown that gas mixtures can be generated within EPS maturation silos; hence permeable fabric silos are ideal as they allow any such gas to dissipate.

    Collinson ensure that the fabric of the silos is always selected to suit the contents; hence the fabric selected for EPS storage is a unique permeable anti-static material containing conductive interwoven steel strands. The support frames are earthed. This specification complies fully with HSE recommendations.

    The resultant purpose built silos are also tear resistant and long lasting.

    In phase 1 of the project at Howden, Collinson installed 12 flexible fabric silos, giving a total capacity of over 2000 m3. These silos were supplied in 2 different sizes, 4 at 10.2 m high and 8 at 9.1 m high to fit below the roof contour, utilising all the available headroom.

    Phase 2 comprised the addition of another 2 silos each 8.2 m high, giving a further 272 m3 capacity, plus 4 small holding / buffer silos elsewhere in the plant.

    Erection of the silos takes place on site, so there is no problem with access; they are the ideal option when a silo needs to be installed amongst existing plant.

    For further information on flexible fabric silos please contact:
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