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Thread: Allgaier Vibration Batch Dryer

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    Allgaier Vibration Batch Dryer

    for drying small to medium batches of materials

    With this vibration batch dryer with intergrated agitator, Allgaier has developed a very efficient technology which ist particularly suitable for drying small to medium batches of wet solid. The dryer is designed so that it can handle widely varying amounts of solid materials.

    The dryer ist designed so that it can be installed even in rooms with low ceilings, such as laboratory rooms. It can thus be used for many tasks in research and product development and for the production of small to medium quantities. The round tank has a capacity of between 20 and 80 litres and the dryer can thus be used for the production of representative product quantities at a low investment cost.

    In order to permit the use of the dryer in foodstuffs production or in various pharmaceutical applications, it is designed for very easy cleaning and maintenance. Both the air-director plate and the retaining sieve located in the upper part of the dryer can be removed very quickly by means of a hinged mechanism. These parts are held in position with quick-acting clamps.

    For more information on Allgaier Werke GmbH, please visit:
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