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Thread: POWTECH 2004: ABEL GmbH & Co.

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    POWTECH 2004 - Preview: ABEL GmbH & Co.

    Transfer of Fluidisable Powders with
    ABEL - Electromechanical Membrane Pumps (EM)

    Powders are produced, conveyed and utilized in many different branches of industry. The methods of transferring such products often prove tricky and expensive.

    Up to now, mainly mechanical conveying systems have been used to transfer powdery materials. Investment in these is expensive and they are subject to heavy wear when handling abrasive media.

    Pneumatic conveyors involve high operating costs since they require uneconomical, energy-intensive compressed air systems or expensive vacuum pumps. Another problem is that flow rates in the pipelines get too high and so smooth and gentle product handling is not assured. Additionally, the de-dusting plants that are required push up operating and investment costs even higher.

    Since 1997, ABEL Electromechanical Pumps EM have been used for the transfer of lightweight materials. They offer gentle transfer of fluidisable powders, yet have an unbeatably low energy requirement.

    Suitable powders from silos, big bags and containers can be conveyed at favourable energy consumption levels, in self-priming operation. Self closing ball valves eliminate the need for a costly forced valve control system.

    Wear is kept to a minimum with the low pipe-flow velocities and the small number of moving parts in the product area. A further advantage is that ABEL Electromechanical Membrane Pumps increase the safety of the facility: Toxic powders are conveyed in closed systems and dust explosions are precluded for this reason, too.

    For further information please visit:

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