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Thread: Measuring Bulk Density in Indian Lab

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    Measuring Bulk Density in Indian Lab

    Dear Sir,

    I wanted to measure the bulk density of fly ash samples - both loose density and packed density.

    I am looking for a good lab for doing it.

    I need your help to locate a good lab in India.

    With regards

    D. Visuvasam

  2. Measuring bulk density

    This measurement is very easy to secure with a small meassuring vessel and weigher. The method is laid down in many Standards, so the measurement is not a problem. Much more relevant defining the relevant conditions under which the measurement should be taken. The range of loose bulk density of fly ash is highly variable according to the degree of dilatation as the fine powder tends to entrain air in agitated or free fall conditions and is slow to settle out, particularly when warm or hot due to the higher viscosity of air at temperature. This is relevant to its volume and flow condition in conveyors and bulk storage equipment, when and how it may behave like a liquid and its condition when totally de-aerated.

    Establilshing the compacting load(s) that should be applied to secure apacked density value is also where the interpretation of conditions in the application is important. The flow condition is highly sensitive to the degree of dilatation of the bulk, which is directly related tot he bulk density. The flow condition of the material and potential to arch is established by shear tests that are measured at a density appropriate to the stresses that forms the material. Please contact me at lyn@ajax if I can help further.

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