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Thread: Solids Charging Booths

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    fxmbulk Guest

    solids charging booths

    I'm looking for information on manufacturers of solids charging booths, or similar engineering controls, for safely charging powders to chemical reactors in the pharma industry.

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    paul cooper Guest
    If you're still looking to charge reactors in a contained way, then we've probably got the answer. We have a lot of experience in charging reactors in the API (Primary Pharma industry). Levels of containment vary, this is customer driven & is derived from what Operator Exposure Levels are permissable with you products. We have supplied systems down to nanogram levels
    If you want to know more then please contact me
    Paul Cooper
    E mail

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    Solids charging booth

    Please call us at 973-966-6966 or send information regarding your requirements to so we may help you with your requirements. We can find a standard item or have a custom designed item manufactured to fit your requirements. We look forward to working with you.

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    We are charging powders directly from powder bags, containers or drums without opening the reactor. Our systems are installed outside the reactor, recirculating the liquid and inducting the solids with vacuum.

    If you are interested please contact us at 732-2918400

    Hans-Joachim Jacob

  5. Charging Reactors

    There are many methods of charging reactors with solids. Much depends upon the form in which the material is made available and the flow nature of the bulk material. There is also the question of whether a fine degree of control is needed, as with exothermic or sensitive reactions.

    Ajax has supplied various types, from charging booths for sacks, kegs and drums to bin systems ranging from ones designed to deal with poor flow products to an Invertabin system that offer many advantages of capacity and product handle-ability. Screw feeders of different designs are also employed, particularly for dealing with cohesive or damp products and delivering into inlets that tend to be wetted or against a pressure. The Lynflow ribbon screws are specifically designed to counter the tendency of sticky materials to build up around the shaft of feed and conveying screws. The Ajax range of Massflo feeders are also useful for these duties because of the easi-clean facility of their retracting screw arrangement. The background to screw feeder design can be seen in my book Guide to the design, selection and application of screw feeders published by Professional Engineering Publications. Various other technical documents on the flow and handling of bulk solids are available via the web site, as is details on hopper design and the powder testing equipment that we make and sell for quantifying the flow related properties of solids. Advice and guidance is readily available on solids handling, but as the options are wide it is best to deal with specifics so we would look to examine the particular needs rather than trying to put forward a general solution.

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    Bob Mulqueen Guest

    Reactor Charging

    We have several thousand systems installed worldwide for active dense phase charging of reactors and other pharma equipment. Our company also engage in discharge of powder (wet / dry/ lumpy/ viscous) from equipment. We can offer High Containment and flexible solutions with minimal cost and without the need for modification to existing structures or process. Depending on the containment level- and we have reached nanograms- we can offer you a very good solution. I would also like to mention that our units incorporate CIP functions and only occupy a height above a reactor nozzle of approx. 900mm. Our systems are backed up by a Safety Institute and on enquiry we can prvide you with this written data. Several thousand units installed primarily in the Pharma Industry Worldwide transfer Powder with poor flow characeteristics and with very low MIE (i.e. 1- 3 MJ). We have also a case where we charge powder into a reactor in the presence of Hydrogen.

    Visit our website:

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